About Me

About Brian Duce Attorney at Law, Find out more about the Attorney of 20 plus years. He specializes in DUI Defense, Family Law, Criminal Defense, Wills Trusts, and Estates. Brian owns his own Law practice in Marysville, WA. 

About Me

I have lived my entire life in this area.  In fact my father was owner, and broker of Duce Realty, with offices in many of the surrounding counties.  My grandfather went to Marysville High School, as did my father.  Growing up in a large family we played all sports, and enjoyed many outdoor activities.


I have been married for the last 35 years to my beautiful wife Brenda, and have lived in the City of Marysville during that time.  We have six children, 2 boys and 4 girls.  Our children have attended the Marysville School District with my wife's participation in PTA both as a member and officer.  We have attended many community events as we have seen our community grow, both in the school district and in sports, and in our church.


We have a dog, named Scout who can be found in the office on days he is not at doggy daycare.  He is an AKC registered yellow lab who is trained as a grief dog, as well as a bird dog where he attends school every year.  Many of the clients and delivery personnel look for him when in the office.

I have held many leadership callings in my church.  These have helped me counsel with many people about many of life's challenges.  I have worked with the youth for over 25 years and have seen many of the good youth of today's world.  Prior to becoming an attorney I was a painting contractor doing new construction, commercial and residential painting.  I continued this business both through the University of Washington school of Business Administration, and what was University of Puget Sound Law School at the time but later became Seattle Pacific University School of Law about 23 years ago.

I have great interest in my family.  I am partnered with a great wife, with whom I have spent many hours involved in our children's many activities.  I have coached basketball, baseball, even soccer.  I have spent most my time coaching baseball sometimes coaching two teams in a single year.  I have been privileged to coach many different levels and work with kids of all ages learning how to motivate them to excel.  One of my many joys is my granddaughter who I am hoping to help start t-ball this next year.  One of my daughters is coaching softball at a middle school while attending Western Washington University.

My Son and I in the Mountains near Leavenworth, WA.

My Son and I in the Mountains near Leavenworth, WA.

tay golf.jpeg

I love to fish, in almost any application.  I have had at least one boat most of my life to enable me to do this with all my children and others.  I go on several guided fishing expeditions each year, and almost always go fishing when on vacation.  I love to hunt. I am learning with my 18-year-old son to hunt for grouse and pheasant. 

In the spring I can usually be found at spring training with my daughters, or on a walk with our dog Scout.  In the summer we enjoy our cabin in the Leavenworth area.  We fish and Jet Ski at Lake Goodwin.  We have been spotted even at an away Seahawks games or two.  In the winter we snowmobile, and ice fish in the mountains.

I am in court regularly; almost every day I have at least one.  I’ve sat in up to six hearings in one day.  Some in the same Courthouse, and sometimes I have to travel to up to four different city courts.  This gets me out of the office and in front of the people who make decisions regularly. I spend time each day answering people's questions about the law and how it affects them. Many of those individuals just need to be pointed in the right direction and given some tools to start the process themselves.