Criminal Defense Success Stories

Criminal Defense Success Stories of Local Criminal Defense Attorney Brian Duce. located in Marysville WA, working in Snohomish County, Skagit County, Island County, and Everett WA.

Criminal Defense Success Stories

Criminal Defense Attorney Marysville, WA

Assault Domestic Violence Marysville

Our client was accused of assaulting his girlfriend's older son, by grabbing his neck. Client denied all charges. After many court appearances and much work on this case the Charges were dismissed in full.

Animal Nuissance

Owners of a dog kennel business were charge with animal nuisance.  One of their prized Alaskan dogs allegedly killed the neighbor’s chickens.   The State originally requested the dog be destroyed, then to be relocated as a dangerous dog.  It was apparent that the dogs were fenced and the neighbor let the chickens fly wild.  The dog escaped when a electric containment fence was cut by a backhoe.  The State could not prove any criminal intent upon the owner.  Case dismissed upon paying the filing fee.

Assault 4th Degree

Assault 4th degree that occurred outside a drinking establishment, between an adult patron and a minor who was being escorted out.  The female minor, together with a witness sitting in a car alleged that the patron took a swing at and hit her in the face.  The adult male claimed he was raising his hand to protect himself from getting hit again after being kicked in the privates.  The State wanted 10 days jail.  The client had never had anything prior including speeding tickets.  Matter was set to Jury Trial and was dismissed after all negotiations with prosecution failed.

Criminal Trespassing 1st Degree

Criminal Trespassing 1st degree two charges, and dangerous and unlawful abandonment of vehicle, and criminal nuisance two charges.  The State on plea negations wanted 30 days in jail, for the combined 5 charges. Case confirmed for trial and dismissed upon payment of the $75.00 court filing fee.

Assault 4th Domestic Violence

Client allegedly grabbed his brother around the neck and threw him down.  The State refused to drop the charges.  The case was confirmed and Trial started, however the State was unable to produce their witness and the case was dismissed.

Assault 4th Domestic Violence

Client was a step father who confronted a step son who was using drugs in their home.  The client was unwilling to inform the police what was happening and allow them to search the home.  He was arrested and prosecuted.  Eventually the case was dismissed, after the parties attended counseling together.

Assault 4

2011 Assault 4th Client struck hospital worker while being restrained in a hospital bed.  The incident was on video tape.  The alleged victim was hospitalized for two days. The client had no priors.   Entered a mental health deferred with client getting treatment with current doctors for two years, at the end of which the case would be dismissed.  On a review hearing after one year, upon motion the Court dismissed the case because the client had been doing so well, and complied with all conditions.

Possession Paraphernalia and Pot Possession

Client handed over to officer admitting it was his. Dismiss Possession charge, Alcohol and drug assessment, and 8 hours community service.

Criminal Trespassing

Client was caught in abandoned garage by neighbor. Case was Dismissed

Domestic Violence

D.V. Assault 2012- Parent was alleged for assault to their teenage child. Case dismissed down to a disorderly conduct. 1 year good behavior and all charges will be dismissed.

Felony Possession of Controlled Substance

Represented a client with new charges of Felony Possession of Controled Substance, bail substance, and sentencing on already pleading guilty to solicting UUSA Felony Possession with recommended 30 days before bail jump and new Felony Possession. Got both new charges dropped and credit for time served. 30 days original committment.

Drug Possession and Paraphernalia

Possession Drugs and Paraphernalia Charge dismissed.  Stopped via Radar, charged with Possession Drugs and Paraphernalia the Prosecution offered 3 days jail.  We obtained complete dismissal on Motion for the client who was very pleased.

Possession of Controlled Substance VUSA

Controlled buy for illicit drugs.  Client already set for sentencing on Possession and Possession with intent to sell & distribute heroin  and a active Warrant out of another Court.  Long time user with good extended family support. Involved with C.P.S. taking the children, and his parents looking for placement with C.P.S. Went in front of Superior Court on Felony, got credit for time served at time of sentencing.  In C.P.S. case we got the grandparents from out of state named as the custodial parents of the children pending his completion of treatment and clean lifestyle. This was above the mother's objection of the children leaving the state of Washington as she also had significant drug issues.

Defense of Anti-harassment order/No contact Order

Client's sons were served Anti-Harassment Order No Contact Order by ex-girlfriend.  After many declarations and hard work by the family which were submitted to the Court to counter act the claims of cyber-bullying. The Court allowed me to cross-examine the complaining witness in open Court.  Following the cross-examination the Court ruled that she did not even bring a case that presented enough evidence to proceed to have my client's testify.  The cases were both dismissed.