Recreational Marijuana Business Names

The state Liquor Control Board – which would be renamed the Liquor and Cannabis Board under a bill making its way through the state Senate – will announce Wednesday the first person to get a legal marijuana business license in Washington state.

The first licensee will be a producer-processor, according to board spokesman Brian Smith. The agency is licensing producers, or farmers, first so that they can get busy growing and harvesting products for state-licensed retail stores expected to open in early summer.

Smith wouldn’t reveal the first licensee’s identity. But he did say Washington’s first legal pot merchant wasn’t from Seattle. And he said the licensee got to be first because agency investigators have been dealing with applications on a first-come, first-served basis. “People who have their act together,” Smith said, are being processed more quickly than those who don’t. “This person met that criteria,” he said.

The state received over 7,000 license applications overall during a one-month window. There are three classes of license: producer, processor and retailer. Retailers cannot own other licenses, but producers also can hold processing licenses.

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