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Marysville, WA family law, divorce, child custody, child support Attorney winning cases for 20 years dealing with probate, divorce, mediation, child custody, child support, amended parenting plans, and grandparent custody rights. working in snohomish county, skagit county, and island county courts.

Family Law Attorney

Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Probate, Mediation attorney with over 24 years experience

When looking for the best family law attorney, you must make sure to find one whose role in a case is more than knowing which forms to be filed.  My job is knowing what is the best response for every question the courts can ask, and supplying the supporting information that is needed to win your case.  Top divorce attorneys will develop a strategy, or game plan, for your entire case start to finish.  He or She will be able to find out where you currently are, and where you desire to be in the end; then come up with a plan to get you there.

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In every case there are documents and pieces of evidence that can either help your case, or hurt your case.  An experienced divorce attorney will know what information will help you the most, and seek after it.  In some cases, evidence to support your side can only be obtained through good discovery methods.

I Gratefully have been awarded with the top 10 best Family Law Attorneys in the state of Washington now 4 years in a row.  Much like a seasoned mechanic can tell you the tools and process required for an engine rebuild, a seasoned child support attorney will have the tools to find the supporting documents needed to build a case and prepare for success. Every case brings new factors; the parties are different, the children are unique.  The assets vary, and the income of each side is never the same; this includes the deductions that can be taken in a case involving child support.  A lawyer for child support has the job to teach you about what is legally relevant to the Court. In a situation where you are emotionally charged, it is hard to be concise, and direct, without being triggered by emotional issues, this is where a skilled child custody attorney will come in and help.


As I consider having Lasik eye corrective surgery, I am looking for an expert who has had years of successful surgeries and knows all the latest techniques and processes in eye care; as my eye sight is very important to me.  You should do the same when looking for an affordable child custody attorney, many important decisions are coming soon; like division of assets, parenting plans, and Child Custody decisions.  For instance, a new emerging trend is for courts to award 50/50 parenting plans.  This is not only giving fathers more time with their children, but also creating new issues.  For example following this trend, fathers are now asking for a residential credit for having the children 50% of the time; thereby reducing if not eliminating child support. This arrangement gets more complicated once school starts, and the two parties live in different school districts.  One parent must transport to the other’s school early in the morning and pick up early in the afternoon. How do you decide what to do? What arrangements will fit best with both parties, and with the court? This is where an attorney comes into play.