Off Duty Officer Arrested for DUI in Washington

The Lewis County sheriff’s office says an off-duty deputy was arrested by the Washington State Patrol in a drunken driving stop about 1 a.m. Saturday on Interstate 5 near Chehalis.

Sheriff Steve Mansfield says 31-year-old Deputy Christopher P. Fulton of Napavine has been place on administrative leave for an internal investigation.

Though it scares many of us when an Agent of Defense is found breaking the law, it should come as a feeling of relief that we live in a state that all are held accountable for their crimes. Justice is fair and true; no one can escape it, even those whose duty is to uphold it.

A DUI like all other crimes is punishable under law, though with the right help the burden can be alleviated and at times removed. be sure to check out for help on a DUI in the area.